Thursday, February 22, 2018


ANEX Seychelles is an International Corporate Service Provider located in the heart of Eden Islands and licensed by the Financial Services Authority in Seychelles to provide corporate services to International Business Companies, Companies Special Licence, Limited Partnerships, Protected Cell Companies, and Mutual Funds among other structures. Mr Bianci Veeren, the newly appointed CEO, has devised many high-level strategies to take advantage of the economic climate of Seychelles and this will help the whole group to develop further.

ANEX is part of the Anex Group in Mauritius, founded in the early 1990’s, with the inherent objectives of becoming one the most prominent in its field and of providing services of unmatched quality and efficiency. The ANEX Group consists of Anex Management, Anex Corporate, Anex Consultancy and Anex Management Seychelles. The office, initially based in Mauritius, has gradually diversified its range of activities and is now a key player on both local and international market.  ANEX Group’s core services entail Global Business, Corporate Secretarial, Finance and Accounting and the firm rely on their experience to offer customised and responsive solutions to their clients.

ANEX delivers an outstanding level of service in terms of incorporation, advisory, management, taxation planning and secretarial services by offering a personalized service to its clients. We work closely with our clients or their advisors to understand their specific needs and to identify or provide effective solutions. We pride ourselves in maintaining a discreet and confidential environment whilst ensuring a tailor-made service which is focused on the client’s expectations.

Why Choosing the Seychelles?

“The Seychelles is more than determined to establish itself as a recognised International Financial Centre. While the country benefits from an economy mainly driven by tourism and fishing exports, the Seychelles has become today one of the most active financial centre throughout the world offering most known structures like International Business Companies, International Trust, Foundations and Mutual Funds. “The obvious attractions of the island as an international investment opportunity lie in its combination of strong international trade links and favourable tax conditions for incorporating companies. The success of Seychelles has been its offshore industry by offering a tax free structure and low tax vehicles, which has been the key for all kind of investors around the world for their tax planning.”

What key changes have been made to ensure the Seychelles maintains its position as an attractive offshore destination?

“The Seychelles has been extremely active in strengthening its offshore industry by developing new legislation to allow the establishment of international corporate structure in a more transparent way. The greatest challenge has been the creation of a new regulatory framework and the replacement of SIBA by the Financial Services Authority for a better regulation of the financial services industry in Seychelles. “The changes brought to the regulatory body as well as the adoption of the new International Business Companies Act , 2014 would be crucial to meet the international standard of the Global Forum and be better equipped as an offshore jurisdiction.”

“Today, the Seychelles has optimised its effectiveness as an offshore financial centre by striking an effective balance between sound regulatory practice and attractive products. The IBC’s being a tax exempt company and allowed to engage in most kind of legal businesses around the world has been its success.”

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